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Instituto de Educación Rural
A. Area to be irrigated
B. Corn field
C. Vegetable garden
D. Chicken coop
E. Grassland for the cows and sheep
F. School buildings
G. Chapel
Our irrigation program will transform 2.5 acres of arid land into a fruit bearing orchard + rows of potatoes.
The orchard helps the school to provide quality professional education to the young Quechua and
Aymara women from the poor and underdeveloped rural Altiplano region.
The graduates have the skills to introduce professional modern crop management to their communities. The aboriginal communities will find much benefit from organic fertilizer and disease control methods that will improve the yield of the crops without depleting the sensitive high altitude soil of bacteria and fungi.
Agricultural output
The professionally trained students will improve the agricultural output of their communities, increasing food security, economic activity and reducing poverty.
Water tower
The new water tower that we built to irrigate the orchard.